Tony Johnson: what’s your story?


So far in our “What’s your story?” series of posts, we’ve heard from OESG founder members Lee Petts, Jonathan Foster and Richard Sands.  This time, it’s your chance to learn more about Tony Johnson from FBG Limited.


Q. What does your company do?

FBG Environmental Services has been supplying the UK on-shore drilling industry with a complete waste disposal package since 1992.  FBG offers a complete handling and disposal service and is customised appropriately to our clients’ specification.  Fully licensed operatives run our equipment whilst monitoring and managing waste disposal in synchronisation with the rigs’ timetable.  Whilst my dedicated office team work to find suitable disposal and recycling facilities for the waste created on site.


Q. How long have you been working with the onshore oil and gas industry?

For over 30 years now, I won’t go any further than that!


Q. How did you start?

I started in the oil and gas exploration and development industry in the late 70’s when I joined Dowell Schlumberger as a trainee well engineer. Working a combination of onshore and offshore operations, and progressing through different engineer levels, I joined Nowsco Well Service in 1985 as Senior Cementation Engineer.  It was then in 1992 that I founded FBG Limited to address environmental issues the industry faced at that time, building a closed loop tank system for onsite handling of drill cuttings and fluids.


Q. What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy the fact that I can make a difference to a client’s project by making it easier for them by handling all their waste requirements, by providing qualified personnel on site, appropriate equipment and environmental advice.


Q. What motivates you?

Has to be my family and my gorgeous grand children,plus I am going to be a Granddad again come June, which I am looking forward too.


Q. How do you see the future of onshore oil and gas developing?

For the next several decades oil and gas will still play a major part in our lives. I do feel that new methods of extraction for oil and gas, and new energy sources, have to be found to sustain the population whilst still being environmentally sustainable.