The Objectives of OESG

The OESG is constituted as a Company Limited by Guarantee, with the following Objects:

The Objects shall be to advance the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as key participants in the supply chain serving the indigenous onshore hydrocarbon production sector, and so to support the onshore operators, create employment, promote education, the protection of public health and the preservation of the environment, and for that purpose to further and maintain good standards of practice, competence and conduct by all its Members

It isn’t the job of the OESG to decide whether or not shale gas, and other forms of energy extraction, should proceed at scale in the UK – although we see a continuing need for hydrocarbons as both fuels and chemical feedstocks for decades to come, and believe it’s better overall if we extract our own and create jobs and tax revenues rather than depend too much on imports.

It’s not for us to say whether or not shale gas can be compatible with Britain’s climate change goals – although, based on studies from a number of respected bodies, we believe it can as a partial replacement for coal and imported Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) used in electricity generation.

And it isn’t for the OESG to determine whether or not onshore oil and gas can be extracted safely and against a backdrop of adequate regulation – although, our experience tells us that it is and will continue to be done properly.

The role of the OESG is simple.  It’s to ensure that small British companies and the people they employ benefit the most from the countless supply chain opportunities that will be on offer should Britain choose to exploit its sizeable onshore oil and gas resources.