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We are the trade association that exists to advance the interests of British SMEs in the supply chain that supports onshore oil and gas.


We're here to help you succeed. Find out how the trust enjoyed by SMEs, coupled with greater flexibility and lower costs, can make a difference to your projects.

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Policy Makers

We're here to make onshore oil and gas a British success story. Find out how an SME supply chain will create more jobs and boost the economy.

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Public Stakeholders

We're here to fight for jobs in your communities. Find out about the roles already performed professionally by supply chain SMEs.

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SMEs that want to join us

We're here to help get you your fair share. Join us, and find out about how we're helping to position British SMEs at the forefront of the onshore oil and gas supply chain.

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Smaller companies are more likely to recruit and train new people in order to grow and meet increased demand for their products and services


For onshore gas and oil extraction to be commercially viable, well costs need to be kept to a minimum. SMEs offer all the right capabilities but with greater flexibility and lower overall costs.


Smaller British companies, that pay their taxes in Britain, will contribute more to the Exchequer in Corporation Tax than overseas companies or large British businesses with complex tax structures.