OESG and its members have decades of experience in the scientific and operational disciplines that make onshore oil and gas possible.  Our factsheets are intended to help policymakers and public stakeholders understand the processes of extracting energy, along with the risks, the safeguards employed to protect against these risks, and the regulatory framework within which oil and gas extraction takes place.


Shale gas FAB facts

FAB Facts 01 – Shale gas as a fuel

FAB Facts 02 – 3D seismic imaging

FAB Facts 03 – Planning Permission

FAB Facts 04 – Environmental Permitting

FAB Facts 05 – Baseline Monitoring

FAB Facts 06 – Multi-well pad drilling

FAB Facts 07 – Horizontal wells

FAB Facts 08 – Pad membranes

FAB Facts 09 – Triple well casing

FAB Facts 10 – Drilling fluids

FAB Facts 11 – Wireline logging

FAB Facts 12 – Cuttings and muds recycling

FAB Facts 13 – Hydraulic Fracturing

FAB Facts 14 – Seismic monitoring

FAB Facts 15 – Reuse of Flowback

FAB Facts 16 – Treatment of residual Flowback

FAB Facts 17 – Flaring surplus gas