We’re here to help you succeed. 

We believe that British SMEs can and should play a pivotal role in the development of Britain’s indigenous, onshore hydrocarbon resources.

Our members are eager to act as enablers, facilitating your success in the exploration and production of onshore oil and gas.

We believe that British supply chain SMEs offer all the right capabilities, but can deliver them more flexibly and at a lower overall cost.

But it’s also about trust.  Research shows that small companies enjoy a higher approval rating amongst the public: 78% of Britons say they trust smaller companies – making SMEs vital to acquiring public acceptance and the so-called social licence to operate.

It is the aim of the Onshore Energy Services Group to work closely with developers and operators across the UK  in order to better understand the emerging supply chain needs of the sector, and to ensure that innovative, flexible and value-driven British SMEs are best placed to meet them.