Public Stakeholders

We’re here to fight for jobs in your communities.

Britain is a nation of small companies.

At the end of 2013, over 99% of all businesses registered in Britain were SMEs, responsible for over 59% of jobs and 48% of sales turnover.

Many of our friends and family members will work in, or know someone else who owns, runs or works in a small company.

There is a fantastic opportunity for SME businesses like these, in the communities where you live, to grow and thrive as part of the supply chain that supports Britain’s onshore oil and gas industry, providing well paid, skilled jobs with prospects.

Supply chain functions that can be performed by SMEs cover the entire life cycle of energy extraction, and include:

– site selection
– pre-planning
– land access negotiation
– planning consultancy
– EIA development
– environmental permitting
– baseline monitoring
– creation of the pad (civils)
– erection of fencing
– delivery of equipment

– drilling
– drilling fluids
– environmental monitoring
– drilling waste disposal
– mud logging
– coring
– wireline logging
– casing supply and installation
– cementing

– mobilisation of fracturing equipment
– delivery of sand, water, additives
– environmental monitoring
– flowback disposal

– gas to grid civils and connections
– process automation
– demobilisation

– site restoration
– permit surrender

The Onshore Energy Services Group wants to help local British SMEs, and the communities they support, to make the most of the supply chain opportunities like these and others.

But if we’re not careful, and without coordinated action, there’s a real risk that the supply chain will come to be dominated by large, overseas companies that fly their people and equipment in and their profits home with them.

That’s why we’re standing up for British SMEs in the supply chain that supports onshore oil and gas.

NEW! We’ve produced a series of Shale Gas FAB Factsheets written specifically for public stakeholders with no or limited knowledge of the processes involved in shale gas exploration and production.

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