SME group launches shale gas guides

Responding to what it sees as a distinct lack of easy-to-understand information for public stakeholders, the Onshore Energy Services Group has launched a series of basic guides for those new to the shale gas debate.

The ‘Shale Gas FAB Facts’ are intended to provide readers with a general understanding about the various stages involved in exploring for and extracting shale gas, including applying for planning permission, obtaining environmental permits and, of course, hydraulic fracturing itself.

Deliberately presented to identify the features, advantages and benefits of the activities involved throughout the shale gas life cycle, the OESG says it wanted to provide members of the public, and others that have a limited knowledge about the processes involved, with credible information but written in a manner that is more accessible than much of the other published guidance found online already.

“There is a huge amount of guidance available on these topics,” says Lee Petts, chief executive at the OESG, “but it is often presented in a way that might mean something to people familiar with onshore oil and gas, but can be impenetrable to the lay person.”

The simple one-page guides are not intended to be exhaustive but to give readers a brief and easy-to-understand introduction to the topics.