Fracking powers advice sought by Welsh government


Welsh First Minister, Carwyn Jones, has confirmed that Welsh government officials sought advice on whether Wales has powers to impose a moratorium on fracking.

But Welsh Government officials said legal advice is frequently sought in conducting government business, and it would be misleading to read a particular policy intention into the move.

Friends of the Earth wrote to the Welsh Government on the issue of gas in the future of Wales’ energy mix.

In reply Mr Jones said: “I can confirm that legal opinion has been sought as to whether Wales has powers to implement a moratorium on unconventional gas development in Wales.”

Environmental campaigners are pressing for Wales to be declared a frack free country.

A Welsh Government spokesman said: “Advice has been sought by officials with regard to our competence on oil and gas. Legal advice is frequently sought as a matter of course in conducting government business and it would be misleading to attach a particular policy intention to that.”