Shale gas online open course


The University of Nottingham, in conjunction with Future Learn, a company that is wholly-owned by The Open University, will host a 4 week online open training course in February 2015 all about shale gas and oil.

During the four-week course, particpants will study the politics, economics, and science of shale gas.

The course will explain how shale gas was formed, where it is, and how we extract it through hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’, as well as examining the potential impact of shale gas on energy markets and energy security.

Participants will also learn about the environmental politics of shale gas and other forms of energy extraction, as well as considering public opinion in the topic.

You can register to join the course here.

The course is aimed at people with an interest in climate change, energy, politics, geology or science.  No prior knowledge of fracking or shale gas is required.

Research has continued to show that the public wants to know more about shale gas, the role it can play in the UK energy mix, and the how it is extracted.  The research also suggests that the more informed people feel, the more they support onshore oil and gas extraction as long as it forms part of a mix with renewable energy sources.

This open course, delivered online, will hopefully go some way to making credible information more accessible.